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The procedure for getting fingerprints processed for clients who live abroad are different. Contact the professionals at Canadian Fingerprinting Services when you need assistance with international fingerprinting in Toronto and the surrounding area. Kindly provide us with ink and roll fingerprints on RCMP form C-216C in Canada or the FBI card FD-258. If you are facing any difficulty getting RCMP form C-216C, then print out the FBI form FD-258 from the FBI website. Please send the original fingerprints along with the following:

  • 1 photocopy of 2 pieces of valid government-issued IDs

  • Complete address, email address, and phone number of the applicant

  • Name, location and phone number of person taking fingerprints

  • Reason for fingerprinting

  • Complete a 3rd party consent form. This allows the RCMP to send your fingerprints to a 3rd party. This step can be chosen if you would like your family or friends to courier the results to you. Kindly take this form and when you are doing fingerprints, do a thumb impression with the same ink. If you want the result to be mailed to you directly (RCMP sends mail through regular post), then disregard this step. 

  • Just as a reminder: In Canada, if there is no match in the criminal database, the results are received in 5-7 business days.

Our total fee is $170 Canadian including all government fees and taxes. Also attach a consent form for credit card authorization.

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Getting fingerprinting processed outside of Canada has different procedures. Go through the page to learn more. We provide mobile services as well.

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