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Turn to the professionals at Canadian Fingerprinting Services when you are in need of Canadian credit checks at competitive rates. Canadians usually don’t have the privilege to borrow money or receive credit of any kind without a solid credit score. So, it is very important to maintain an appropriate credit score by managing your finances and maintaining your credit file thoroughly. It has become a norm for all employers in Canada to run a Canadian credit check on applicants before they are hired. 

For more information about our services, please call us today or visit any of our convenient locations. We have an experienced and skilled team at your service. Also, listed below are the identification requirements for a Canadian credit check. Please make sure to carry two of the following IDs along with you when you visit one of our locations (Downtown Toronto or Scarborough).

Passport (Canadian or foreign)
Driver’s license (Canadian or foreign)
Birth certificate
Canadian citizenship card
Permanent resident card
Ontario identification card
Certificate of Indian status
Firearms Acquisition Certificate
Military ID card
Any other ID card issued by the municipal, provincial or federal department


Canadian Fingerprinting Services provides this service for mostly the employers, recruiters, and HR companies. Kindly contact us for more information.

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Are you an employer in Canada and want to know the credit score of an individual before hiring him or her? We can help you with our services.

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