Fingerprinting Toronto

Toronto Fingerprinting ServicesCanadian Fingerprinting Services Inc. is an RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency providing best Digital and Ink & Roll Fingerprinting Toronto and Scarborough. We use cutting edge LiveScan digital fingerprinting technology that allows us to submit the applicant’s fingerprints electronically to RCMP database thus reducing the turnaround time to 72 hours. The applicant may receive RCMP certified result in 3 business days by mail either to the applicant’s home address or a designated third party. We also do Ink & Roll fingerprints for various purposes on form c-216c (RCMP) or Fin­ger­print Card FD-258 for FBI. Please be advised that in cases where a criminal record is encountered or where the applicant name is matching with somebody else the processing time may take up to 120 days.

Fingerprinting Services TorontoOur electronic fingerprints based RCMP Criminal Record Check serves the following purposes:

  • Employment (Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Private)
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Immigration
  • Foreign Travel
  • Foreign Visa
  • US Waiver to Cross the Border
  • Record Suspension (Formerly Pardon)
  • Government Contractors/Licences
  • Name Change
  • Local or International Volunteer Work
  • Pardoned Criminal Record
  • Privacy Act
  • Any Other
  • Foreign Police Clearances from: USA, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Caribbean’s and other countries

Ink & Roll

Fingerprinting Downtown TorontoCanadian Fingerprints processes ink and roll fingerprints in Toronto for its clients on their request. Canadian Fingerprinting Services also provides traditional Ink & roll We capture fingerprints electronically and print them on either on form c-216c or Fingerprint Card FD-258 (FBI) as required. 


Identification Requirement:

Fingerprinting ScarboroughPlease make sure to bring two pieces of valid government issued IDs out of which one has to be with photo, when you visit our one of the locations (Downtown Toronto or Scarborough). The ID’s could be

  • Passport (Canadian or Foreign)
  • Drivers License (Canadian or Foreign)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Resident (PR) Card
  • Ontario Identification Card
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Firearm Acquisition Certificate
  • Military ID Card
  • Work Permit or Student Permit
  • Any other ID card issued by Municipal, Provincial or Federal Department

Incase you don’t have original documents only certified copies will be accepted