International (Outside Canada) Proccess

What Is The Process For Getting Fingerprints Processed From Abroad?

Canadian Fingerprinting Services Inc also processes ink and roll fingerprints  from abroad or international locations. We are an RCMP accredited agency and affiliated with Clearneed. We convert ink prints into digital and submit these fingerprints to RCMP digitally. The individual receives the result in Canada in 5 to 7 business days if he or she does not have any convictions or have been fingerprinted for any criminal reasons. In case the individual has any convictions or have fingerprints in the criminal database it may take up to 120 days.

How to Have Fingerprints Processed From Abroad For Certified RCMP Criminal Background Check.

Kindly send us ink and roll fingerprints to us on RCMP Form C-216C in Canada (obtained from Canadian Embassy/Consulate) or FBI Card FD 258, (If you are having difficulty getting RCMP Form C-216C, then print out FBI Form FD 258 (download the form) from FBI Website). Send the original fingerprints along with the following:

  1. Photocopy of 2 Pieces of valid government-issued IDs.
  2. Feature information:
    Height (Ft/cm)
    Weight (Lbs/Kg)
    Color of eyes
    Color of hair
  3. Complete address and phone number.
  4. Name, location and phone number of person taking fingerprints,
  5. Reason for fingerprinting.
  6. Complete a consent form (download the form). This allows the RCMP to send your fingerprints to a 3rd party. Choose this step if you’d like family or friends to courier results to you. Canadian Fingerprints can also provide this service if you send us a return courier envelope. Kindly take this form and when you are doing fingerprints do a thumb impression with the same ink. If you want the result to be mailed to you directly (RCMP sends mail through regular post) then disregard this step.

Our Total fee is $120 Canadian including all fees and taxes (which includes the RCMP fee of $25). Also attach a consent form for credit card authorization (download the form).